(Price includes all taxes)

1st page 50 cents, afterwards 10 cents each page. (Less than 100 pages)

8 cents each page (More than 100 pages)

Note: If printed by mistake, within 5 pages of waste is free. afterwards charged as regular




(Price includes all taxes)

Nanaimo local: 1st page 1 dollar, afterwards 50 cents each page

National long distance: 1st page 2 dollars, afterwards 1 dollar each page

International long distance: 1st page 5 dollars, afterwards 2 dollars each page



Pay phone

(Price includes all taxes)

Nanaimo local: 1 dollar per call within 5 mins, 2 dollars if within 15 mins, 5 dollars within 1 hr

National long distance: 2 dollars per call within 10 mins, 5 dollars within 30 mins

International long distance: 3 dollars per call within 15 mins, 8 dollars within 1 hr



Computer Workstation

(Price includes all taxes)

Rental for using per computer workstation is charged for per 30 mins.

First 30 mins: 2 dollars afterwards: 1 dollar per 30 mins per station

Scanning is free with use of workstation



Computer Services

(Price includes all taxes)

Diagnostics $30 (Diagnostics is free if device is serviced with us within 3 months)

Software installation and minor changes to software or hardware $20

Maintance & tunne up $50

Printer installation $30

Virus removal $80

System reinstall $80 (Includes installation disc)

Hardware replacement: Parts + labour ($30/hour)

On site service: Regular charge + Trip charge $50(1st hour) + additional hour( $25 per hour)