Software design


We are specialized in management software design & customization to help clients achive their daily task in a more productive manner. Common software eg. Human resource management system, stock management system, POS system etc.


Connected office


We provide work space, computers, printers, scanners, fax and all other services & equipment onsite. With the support of our hardware guru & software guru. Your task can be done smoothly.

Computer station & office rental


Owning is not always the best solutions, as we have different needs. We provide computer rental, work station rental, office space rental and classroom rental.


Computer Services


We provide wide range of computer services, in store or on site. In store services are more affordable, while on site services are neat if you have bigger devices, especially we are working on several devices.

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All connected home services (On-site)


Do you have a lot electronics to work together? no problem, we can help. We can connect your TV, home media system, speakers, computer system, printers and any other networking devices. It's one time job to make everything work together, and what's even better, our technician will do a tutorial after work and show you exactly how to use your devices.

find out how much will cost you